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  A “Carnival” is defined as a type of folk festival originating in Europe and is very similar to a “temple fair” which was founded in China. The summer carnival held at our school on the 14th of June, 2019, was a great success.


  The flea market was a veritable feast for the eyes:Collections of exotic minerals, colorful seashells, Hi-Tech balancing vehicles and remote controlled cars, hand-made candies, diced fruit, parents’ skilful handiwork and sushi rice balls. Also on sale were English picture books, reading books and detective books to capture the students’ imagination, enhance our students’ vocabulary and their English skills. Surprisingly, most items were on sale at discounted prices…..why? Aaah..…it’s because this flea market’s proceeds are to be donated to charities. Preliminary reports suggest that the donations amount to more than 6000 Yuan! This is a clear indication to us that our students, teachers and parents are involved in the “business” of love…


  From the market outside, we heard music ring out and were drawn to the lobby indoors, where a “flash” show began. The beat of drums, flushed faces, the amazing performances of the little actors in the “Wizard of Oz”, the graceful dancers, singers and musicians-all of the shows were magnificent and amazing. Our students are so talented!


  In the outdoor atrium, interesting and challenging game activities are carefully monitored by teachers. The 10 unique activities are scattered around in picturesque disorder, like some sort of mini “Disneyland”.


  There is the trampoline, ring toss and the “Devil Track”, a pressure track racecourse….students clutch their registration papers as they eagerly await their turn, overcoming challenges and completing fun obstacle courses.


  Afterwards, the impact of the event is still felt as the parents gave their feedback:


  Grade 2 student, Jackie’s mother: “This school event has been both educational and meaningful, and the students are improving day by day. I hope that they will become well-rounded young people in China, with an international vision.”


  Charles, a Grade 5 student’s mom had this to say: “ This time, my child and I participated in the flea market and were very impressed with the meticulous planning and management style of the school. The teachers who organized this activity, asked all participants not to bargain so as to ensure the smooth progress of the event. In this process, I acted as an assistant to my child and was amazed at his growth and maturity. He was able to respond to the “consumer’s” requests and questions when they came to purchase. I was very gratified to see the children behave appropriately and politely. The carnival was also a great parent-child activity. Thank you for providing the platform for this interaction.”


  A Grade 8 student, Li’s mother said: “Unfortunately I was too busy to attend the carnival, but from the feedback of my child and the grandparents who were there, as well as photos shared by other parents, I feel that the carnival was an unprecedented success. Next time I will definitely attend such a meaningful event.”

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